The department always focuses on all-round development of the students, there’s a belief in the department that only studies can’t get you to the top, there are a lot of things which can be done along with studies for complete development of a student. In light of this, the department organizes a lot of events every year.

Identity '20

On 29th February, 2020, the Department of Mathematics of Hansraj conducted its much awaited annual cultural fest: “Identity’20”. The event was a major success with a footfall of around 4000 students. The fest was organised in the heart of the college during the annual college fest.

The Annual Fest of the Department of Mathematics, Identity, keeps achieving impossible heights and setting higher benchmarks every passing year. This edition of Identity was no exception. Organized on February 29th, Identity 2020 turned out to be one of the largest annual fest ever organized by the Mathematics Department of Hansraj since its inception. It saw a whole new level of enthusiasm and dedication from each and every member of the mathematics family of Hansraj College. The fest attracted more than 4000 students from various colleges all over the capital territory, with no less than 2000 students participating in different games and another activities organised by the department.


The day saw a lot of craze and excitement for various games, with the fest came a lot of new games and events the most popular ones amongst which included the Lucky 7, Mathonald, Pyramid, Foots and Paws, Colour Attack, Funtakshari, Carrom with a twist. A large scale Game of Thrones treasure hunt cum quiz was also organised. A total of 400 participants won different rounds and were awarded cash prizes, discount coupons and prize vouchers. With total prizes worth of Rs 6 Lacs, the department's fest witnessed very enthusiastic and competitive participants.


We also take the privilege of thanking our sponsors. We extend heartfelt gratitude towards our title sponsor-DIPS Academy and other sponsors like Infostudy Delhi, our media partners-Campus Blogger, DU Express and The Education Tree.

The Fest has been an integral part of the department since its inception, it has helped the department establish itself as one of the best departments throughout the University. The department looks forward to expanding its fest even more in the coming sessions.

Freshers '19


The department, year after year, welcomes some of the best and brightest minds of the country and provides them a platform to showcase their talents, ideas and skills before the world. And before making this aim a reality, we have a beautiful tradition of making the first years feel loved and wanted. Organized on September 25th, the official freshers’ party marked a new chapter of memories for all of us. As always, the event began with lighting a lamp and cutting a cake, followed by a welcome speech by Dr. Preeti Dharmarha. Moving forward with certain entertaining tasks and performances to promote a more friendly interaction between the seniors and the freshers, the event was equally enjoyed by one and all. Much to attendees’ pleasant surprise, the first years also participated with equal fervor and enthusiasm in all the activities, tasks and performances.

Farewell '20


From the first day of our orientation to showing us around the college to helping us grow as individuals, our seniors have been a symbol of inspiration as well as our guiding light for a major part of our college. This year to thank our seniors for helping and guiding us and to make them feel special and make their last memories of the college memorable PI: The Department of Mathematics organized an online farewell. With the efforts of the first and second year students, the dept. was able to give the seniors a very interactive and memorable farewell. The farewell consisted of multiple activities and surprises from making an Instagram account to providing each and every senior with a loving paragraph explaining their college journeys. The event also consisted of making an Instagram filter for the farewell as well as a Q&A session with the seniors. Lastly, we made a farewell video to give the seniors a glimpse of the past three years in 2 minutes. Farewell are supposed to one of the most important moments of one’s college life. Even though we were not able to celebrate it offline, the juniors made sure that each and every senior left the college with a smile and loving memories.

Teachers' Day '20


Who says heroes are found flying against gravity towards the sky, dressed in flowing capes and mysterious masks? Heroes of this world are found in classrooms. Yes, they are none other than our teachers. This year, students of PI: The Department of Mathematics organized an online Teachers' Day program to thank some of the most important people of our lives, the ones who impart knowledge and instruct us. Teachers are the doctors without stethoscope that every child in our country must have access to, to be able to cross his/her set of crevasses and walls. Second and third-year students participated in this event very heartily to honour our hardworking and loving teachers. The program commenced by welcoming all the teachers, followed by listening to the teachers' experience of their teaching life which was the cherry on the cake. The students planned a very amazing event, outstanding dance performances, melodious songs, musical instruments, funny and emotional poems to thank our teachers. Our teachers enjoyed this program very much and appreciated us for our efforts to make this online Teachers' Day memorable for them. At last, we all thanked our teachers from the bottom of our hearts for their selfless passion and hard work towards educating the future of this nation.

General Mathematics Quiz


Not everything can be learnt from lectures, workshops and interactive sessions. At times what we, as students, learn more from are examinations and competitions, which not only test, but also strengthen our conceptual knowledge. Acknowledging this fact, the department organized a quiz competition for the students, right after Dr. Ghosh’s lecture. The highlight of the event was that, despite being a mathematics-intensive round, the event was still open to students from all fields of study. The quiz invited participants from all colleges and all years alike. It was an absolute delight for the department to welcome student participants from a large number of colleges. The freshmen, sophomores and the final years participated with equal enthusiasm and determination. The competition was conducted in two rounds. The first one being an objective MCQ round, and was conducted by Mr. Ekansh Jauhari, former President, Department of Mathematics, whereas as the second round was hosted by the famous quiz master, Mr. Duttnath Thakur and Mr. Parth Chawla, Ex-Vice President of the department. The winners of the event were Mr. Chaintanya and team from St. Stephen’s College, DU, who won prize vouchers and a cash reward of Rs. 1200. The first runner up was the team headed by Mr. Rupak Jain, again from St. Stephen’s College, winning prize vouchers and a prize money of Rs. 800, whereas the second runner ups were Mr. Shubham Kumar Yadav and Mr. Deepak from Hansraj College, with prize vouchers and a cash reward of Rs. 500. The quiz competition turned out to be highly knowledge-imparting.

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